What the heckity heck do you DO?

I help you dare to be different.

I help you look at your business, service or cause with fresh eyes.

I help you put a human voice back into your communications.

I help you identify what is unique about you and your offering and see the value in BEING YOU.

I help light the flame and teach you how to keep that flame burning bright.

Dare to be different.

Can I do it FOR you? Yes. Totally. Absolutely.

From setting up and managing your presence on social media, to content marketing writing, to improving website copy, to creating or editing existing marketing materials. And honestly – that’s how I earn a steady income for my family. Bonus? I love what I do.

But I have a passion for consulting with small businesses, freelancers, non-profits and others who have little to no budget for outsourcing marketing communications.

I help you develop marketing communications plans, obtain the tools (website, social media pages, marketing materials, etc.) you need to get started, teach you how to use the tools and help you out with starter copy, content and materials. With my consultant hat on – I help you lay the foundation for your marketing communications efforts, offer support as you going, then turn it all over to you to manage independently.

When I was a toddler, my Pop owned a shop.

Me, Pop and my big brother, Dan at the shop.

He was a brilliant mechanic. Man, that guy could fix ANYTHING. But times got tough, franchises with bigger budgets were moving into central Iowa and squeezing the life out of shops like Pop’s, he was losing money and eventually he had to close the bay doors. He continued to work as a mechanic out of our home garage – but to support his family he accepted the first job he was offered – a church janitor (best damn janitor who ever lived).

Maybe his shop would have closed even if he’d had the know how and budget to compete with the big dogs. Maybe it would have thrived.

That isn’t the point of this post – my Pop taught me to believe everything happens for a reason – we don’t always get to know why. And he touched an awful lot of lives as a janitor then superintendent while working on the side as a backyard mechanic.

The point is my soft spot for small, locally owned businesses, freelancers, nonprofits and others comes from my Pop having to close his shop so many years ago.

And that soft spot is the cornerstone of my little one-girl show, Turquoise Llama Communications.

If you’d like a Little TLC by Leto for your marketing communications efforts – please get in touch. I’d love to hear your story.

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