The road to nowhere

Sometimes, when you’re in the midst of trying to accomplish something really big – it can feel like you’re on a road to nowhere. No direction. No visibility. You can’t see what’s beyond the fog.


Stay on the road. Go slow when you need to – but don’t stop. Just. Keep. Going.

Keep practicing.

Keep planning.

Keep jotting down ideas.

Keep exploring.

Keep tracking your progress.

Keep learning.

Know where you are right now is exactly where you’re meant to be. Comparing yourself to others in your industry – those with the perfect content calendar, those with a plan all laid out, those with the incredibly informative websites daily blog posts. They didn’t get there overnight – neither will you.

Whether it’s a content marketing plan, a business plan, a website overhaul or finding and sharing your unique voice on social media – there will be days when it feels like you’re on a road to nowhere, lost in a fog of advice, “best practices”, articles, how to’s, to do’s, white papers, step-by-step’s – the amount of information at our fingertips is overwhelming.

But something really cool is happening while you’re in the fog – it’s all taking shape, it’s all coming together, your mind is taking it in, processing the information and ditching what doesn’t work for you.

And, even if it doesn’t feel like it – what lies beyond the fog is going to be amazing rays of clarity and a-ha moments.

And the fog itself? It’s part of the journey. You’re learning. You’re growing. You’re putting pieces of your unique puzzle together. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder.

Seriously – DO IT! Pat yourself on the shoulder.

And then?

Just. Keep. Going.


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