I just got off the phone with a lovely soul. She doesn’t know this – but she was my first official consultation. It was a wonderful chat – her smiling spirit so strong it warmed my soul over the phone!

She inspired me. Why? Because during our brief 17-minute conversation I was able to listen to her story and get excited with her, offer a little encouragement and direction, and we ended the conversation with a next step in place.

I felt like I helped a little. I hope I helped a little.

No matter what – the brief conversation filled my with renewed enthusiasm about this adventure and confident I’m going in the right direction. It was such a lovely experience I just know this – helping individuals, small businesses, non-profits and others take steps toward whatever dream, goal, vision they have – is what I was meant to do.

I’d started the conversation hoping to offer her a little inspiration, guidance and a gentle nudge – I ended the conversation with her actually doing the same for me.

After we hung up, I stepped outside sat down to soak up a little sun and was joined by this beauty.


I adore butterflies. When my Pop passed away 11 years ago, I was driving down the road in my convertible with the top down when out of thin air a beautiful swirl of monarch butterflies joined me. They gently swirled around me as I drove – a sign from Pop he was still there.

So today, when this lovely butterfly – various shades of blue and turquoise – landed next to me and just sat there, I took it as a sign from him I’m on the right track.

More than ever – I’m excited about this journey and the potential to inspire, educate and assist others.

What does this story have to do with marketing communications? Two things.

1. There are signs all around us that, if we open ourselves to seeing them, help guide us in the right direction.

2. In my mind, when you’re true to yourself, when you put the real you out there, when you share the stories that make you who you are – things click. They come together naturally (with a lot of work behind the scenes). The right clients find you, you find the right clients.

It all begins with allowing yourself the freedom to truly Be You.



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