Creative communications corner of our cabin

What I do to help YOU

Welcome to Turquoise Llama Communications! I offer a range of services including:

  • Website reviews including suggestions to improve your site’s SEO, navigation, readability, consistency and quality of your existing copy, content and layout.
  • Copywriting – all those bits that showcase and promote your services, products or cause.
  • Content writing – all those bits that offer helpful tips, information, education on a topic, entertainment and more.
  • Editing – I love hearing “wow, you knew what I was trying to say and helped me say it!” Editing is one of my super powers – I truly enjoy helping you polish your hard work. And I have a knack for doing it without cutting “YOU” out.
  • Assistance identifying social media channels best for your needs, setting up your profiles and pages, and helping you with content marketing planning.
  • Helping you understand and manage your website’s CMS.
  • Acting as a communication bridge between you and your website developer/designer.
  • Aid in developing your mission, vision and goals for your marketing communications efforts.

The above is just a snapshot of how I’m able to help – please get in touch and let’s talk about you, your business, your needs and start planning to get you where you want to be!