Ready, set, goals!

After I chat with a potential client for a bit – listen to their story, listen to their needs, listen to their wants – I ask about goals.

The question is often met with a blank stare and silence.

It’s okay! Once they’re aware of the why, they often see goals as a must to planning.

I know – it takes time and, if you’re like me, you’re likely burning the candle at both ends.

But we need to identify a few goals to know where we’re going. Once we know where we’re going – marketing communications plans are how we’ll get there. We then follow the plan and – using our goals – we’re able to see where we’re succeeding, where we’re falling short and adjust accordingly.

Without knowing where you want to be – what you want to accomplish – who you want to reach – it’s impossible to plan, to build something solid, to make progress (or even know if you’re making progress!).

Without goals, the efforts are often knee-jerk reactions, willy-nilly posts and no direction.

Not that there’s anything wrong with willy-nilly. There will be willy-nilly. But willy-nilly is not a plan.

Experiment! Have fun! Put YOU back in your communications! People relate to people. But first, set a few goals.

Aside from making them measurable, achievable – it doesn’t matter what they are – it only matters that you start setting goals.

Begin with a brain dump. Write it out, type it out, tap it out.

Go back and scan what you dumped.

Identify a minimum of 3 goals for your business.

With goals in hand – we know where we want to go, figure out how we’ll get there and adjust course as needed along the way.

The journey begins.

Image of Leto headed down the South Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon
Me headed down South Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon. We had a plan. We followed the plan. We adjusted as needed and we accomplished out goal – to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back outl

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